Premium Service

Comparison - Standard and Premium Account also offers a Premium Service that provides you with additional space as well as other usefull and exciting features. Have look ...

Service Comparison / All prices are in Euro
Standard Account Premium Account
FREE SERVICE 19 EURO per year (*4)


Login to your mail account directly via our responsive website - at home from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
With adverts and restricted functions

Direct Connect

If you have your own mail application, just connect to our mail server directly with standard protocols POP3, SMTP and IMAP. (*1)
Yes Yes
TLS Encryption
All communication between you and our servers like email messages, username or password etc are savely encrypted.
Yes Yes
Mailbox Size
The available space for your mails and contacts on our server.
30 MB 1 GB
Address Book
Manage all your contacts, ie. you don't need to remember all your contact mail addresses .... just the name :)
Yes Yes
Calendar (incl. shared Calendar)
A professional shared calendar & agenda, designed for both mobiles & desktops (*2)
PGP Implementation
PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is used to encrypt email attachments and gives your files an added layer of security. (*3)
Signiture Designer
A complete professional signature, automatically appended to every outgoing email
Customizable Widgets
The widget sidebar is a fantastic tool for quick glancable information and shortcuts

How to buy

In order to buy a subscription, you have to

*1 Please note that some functionality (like address book or calendar) is not accessible via the standard protocols
*2 The calendar sharing functionality is only available between mail addresses.
*3 In order to use the PGP functionality you have to create a private public and private key via third party tools.
*4 The subscription runs over 12 month starting from the day of subscription and will be automatically (!) renewed. Please note that if your cancel your subscription, you will automatically be switched back to the free account AFTER the paid subscription ends!

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